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Gold - Silver - Copper - Zinc - Tellurium - Molybdenum - Lead

EL 9039 - Gold, Critical Minerals and Base Metal Project

Delta Gold is a Natural Resources Exploration & Mining Company with an advanced Exploration Flagship Project at Chakola NSW having a JORC defined Resource of 436,000oz* Gold (equiv) from surface to approximately 100 metres depth within the highly prospective Lachlan Fold Belt of NSW.

The Chakola Project incorporates a Volcanic Massive Sulphide Deposit consisting of Gold, Critical Minerals including Silver, Copper, Zinc, Tellurium, Molybdenum and Base Metal Lead. There are also other identified potential targets within the exploration lease and as such the Company will be pursuing futher geophysical surveys and exploration drilling with a view to increasing the resource substantially.

*ASX:CMY Announcement 4 April 2007 - 4.63Mt @ 2.9g/t Gold equivalent containing 436,000oz Gold equivalent - This Gold equivalent resource estimate may vary due to changes in commodity values over time.


Previous exploration work has been concentrated on the Harnett prospect which is the principle prospect with in the EL License and where a gold, critical minerals and a base metals resource  will allow a Development Application for an economic open cut mining operation in the future. It should be noted that the Harnett Prospect is both open at depth and strike. The discovery confirms the potential to locate similar deposits in the license and is providing the impetus to search for additional mineralisation.

The company is reviewing all recent and historical exploration data of previous exploration in the Chakola area. Delta Gold's work will inlcude an assessment of the historical database, re-interpretation of existing airborne magnetics and radiometric survey data, photo geological studies  and geological mapping with a view in the near term to lodge a DA- Mining Lease Application.

ChakolaHarnett Drill Hole Location.JPG
Chakola - Drilling 1.jpg

Drilling at Harnet Prospect

Chakola - Drilling 3.jpg

Drilling at Harnet Prospect

Chakola - Drilling Rob Joe.jpg
Modelling of drilling hole.JPG

Modelling of Drill hole data on the Harnett deposit confirming a southern plunging zone of drill targets and high gold values.

Figure 10 - Chakola Project - Harnett Prospect Drill Cross Section 1150N

Capital Mining Prospectus 2006 - Page 29

Figure 11 - Chakola Project - Harnett Prospect Drill Cross Section 1210N

Capital Mining Prospectus 2006 - Page 29

Rock Chip Sampling Chakola

Stonehenge North Prospect -18.05 g/t and 12 g/t gold values 1,400m along strike from Harnett Resource

25 September 2007 ASX Capital Mining Announcement Rock Chip samples

Harnett Prospect rock chip sampling yielding up to 15.5 g/t gold.

Figure 5 Capital Mining 2006 Propectus page 20

Drill Hole Results

Considerable values were recorded with best peaking at 1m going:

16.55g/t gold, 0.96% copper, 37g/t silver, 2.3% lead and 1.4% zinc

  • HRC086 -- 4m @ 4.5g/t gold, 0.28% copper, 14g/t silver, 1.1% lead and 1.1 % zinc from 45m(inc. 2m @ 8.8g/t gold, 0.5% copper, 22g/t silver, 1.5% lead and 1.3% zinc from 46-48m)

  • HRC064 -- 6m @ 5.9g/t gold, 1.1% copper, 9g/t silver, 0.1% lead and 0.3 % zinc from 85m(inc. 1m @ 14.2g/t gold, 0.8% copper, 8g/t silver from 88-89m)

02 May 2008 ASX Capital Mining Announcement - Harnett Central Sulphide Intercepts

  • PDH-H9 14m at 4.42 g/t gold and 11.7 g/t silver from 2m

  • PDH-H8 18m at 2.31 g/t gold and 9.3 g/t silver from 22m

Capital Mining 2006 Propectus page 26

  • HRC012 18m at 1.93 g/t gold and 1.02% copper from 18m

  • HRC010 10m at 3.51 g/t gold from 10m

  • HRC023 7m at 1.62 g/t gold and 4.43% copper from 20m

Capital Mining 2006 Propectus page 27

Stonehenge North Gold - Tellurium Prospect

  • 53g/t tellurium over 1m within 9m @ 7.2g/t Tellurium from 40m in STN 006

  • 17m @ 4.3/t tellurium from surface in STN 005 including 1m @ 14.1g/t tellurium from 10m

  • 15m @ 3.8/t tellurium from 22m in STN 005 including 1m @ 15.6g/t tellurium from 23m

03 January 2008 ASX Announcement - Drilling Results Pointing to Gold-Tellurium potential 

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